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Exciting news! WPA is open for registrations!

This year’s Writer’s Police Academy (WPA) is open for registration. I’ve attended it the past two years and I have to say it is a TOTAL BLAST!

We’re talking seriously good fun. For a whole weekend writers get to hang out with cops, FBI agents, criminal investigators, DEA agents, SWAT teams, firemen, EMTs, forensics experts, and a whole slew of other experts in a fun, interactive weekend.

I’ve done firearm training, just like real cops do, taught by the instructor who teaches the cops.  I was even told I should apply for the police academy because my partner and I handled a real-life simulation better than the cops on scene had done!

I’ve investigated a body left out in the woods. I’ve done fingerprinting and had the opportunity to do self-defense.  I did a tour of the county jail–the real thing, not a fake.

There are opportunities to do a ride-along with real cops on a real evening patrol, for participating in a SWAT raid, for practicing driving like a cop on car chases, and for tons of other cool activities.

This is not a weekend where you just sit and listen. Most of the presentations are interactive and tons of fun. You can pretend you’re any law enforcement or public safety person you want!

Registrations are very limited, and they’re going fast.  If you’re interested, here’s the URL where you can find all the info. The dates are the weekend after Labor Day, just outside Greensboro NC in Jamestown and the Guilford County Police Academy. (Yes, that’s right–at the very academy where the actual cops train and using most of the actual trainers at the academy).

Here’s the URL.  If you want great fun–even if you’re not writing a police procedural or other mystery–this is the best bang for your buck!

Writers’ Police Academy

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