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Book Review: POISON PROMISE by Jennifer Estep


By Jennifer Estep

Release Date July 22, 2014

5-Star Review



I received an advance copy of this book from in return for an honest review.

YAY! The latest book in Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series, POISON PROMISE is at least as good as the earlier books. How Ms. Estep manages to keep this series fresh and vital after so many books (I believe this is the 11th novel in the series, though my count may be off) is truly amazing.

About the Story

Gin Blanco, aka The Spider, is the most lethal assassin in all of Ashland. With her powerful stone and ice magic she provides a never-ending stream of bodies for disposal all while running The Pork Pit, the best barbecue restaurant around. In this latest story, one of the waitresses at The Pork Pit is being hassled by a pusher who’s trying to convince the girl to distribute the hottest–and most dangerous–new designer drug in Ashland, called Burn. From this basic premise, the danger, action, and body count rises higher and higher. It all leads Gin into a high noon showdown with the uber-baddie, a duel to the death that would do justice to any Western movie, or any superhero action flick, for that matter.

The Book Review

The thrills and chills never stop in this exciting, wonderful story. It’s hard to know what more can be said about a series of books that satisfies on all levels. The plot is just complex enough and has just enough surprises to be constantly entertaining. The characters are wonderfully drawn, complex, well motivated, and human in the best possible way. They’re not perfect people–but they’re believable people. They’re people you want to spend time with.

I have to admit, I truly love this series. It hooked me from the first book and I’m already salivating for the next one to come from the talented Ms. Estep’s pen (okay, word processor!). But I do have a favorite line from this book that just cracked me up. After Gin reluctantly agrees to a pragmatic alliance with one of the potentially-bad-guy characters (no, I won’t say which one), her avaricious (and extremely accurate sniper) foster brother Finnegan Lane’s reaction had me laughing out loud:

“I mean, really, Gin,” he muttered. “You just can’t keep killing people for free. Pro bono is not a phrase that is in the Finnegan Lane vocabulary.”

Really. An assassin who kills for free? What kind of business model is that? 

The Bottom Line

Seriously, this is a series that must not be missed, and POISON PROMISE is more than worthy of the five-star rating. It’s a rip-roaring, rootin’ tootin’ grand time from start to finish.


Five Stars!


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