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Book Review: SIDEKICK by Auralee Wallace


By Auralee Wallace

3-Star Review



I received a free copy of this book from in return for an honest review.

SIDEKICK is a funny, fast-paced story about an uber-rich socialite fallen on hard times. She sees a super heroine she admires–Dark Ryder–and immediately wants to transform her life into a butt-kicking superhero sidekick. Note that: She doesn’t aspire to being a superhero herself. Nope. Our heroine wants to be the sidekick to someone else.

Seriously? Who aspires to be someone’s second banana? If you have to be a Stooge, who would want to be Curly, rather than Moe? Apparently, the answer is…our heroine.

SIDEKICK Book Review

The action is near-constant in this story, and there lies the biggest problem. I never really felt like I got to know or care about any of the characters, not even the heroine. Maybe especially not the heroine. She’s so busy being a total idiotic ditz and trying to recover from her various misadventures and miscues that there’s no real time for reflection or getting to know her. And what little introspection there is, comes almost exclusively from the writer telling the reader that she feels guilty or scared or whatever. There’s not nearly enough SHOWING of her emotional state, and a whole lot of TELLING us what she’s feeling. Some of that is forgivable in an action-oriented story like this, but there was no balance there.

The heroine has a disabled sister, but well into the story there’s no real reveal to the reader about why our heroine feels guilty about it. There are too many secrets kept from the reader about the heroine’s motivation–and without understanding her motivation, she just comes across as a cartoon character.

To be honest, it was a real slog to get through this book because I was constantly putting it down. I didn’t care about any of these characters. And the heroine was just TSTL (too stupid to live). At one point about halfway through the book I was rooting for someone–anyone!–to take her out. Or do a reboot on her. She didn’t have any real redeeming qualities to justify why I SHOULD care about her, really. And the humor was there, but mostly in the form of slapstick and pratfalls. The heroine is not witty or smart. She’s just…formerly rich.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, if you want mindless, cartoony action with a funny twist, this is the book for you. It’s short, which is appropriate for an action-oriented book. And if you’re not constantly putting it down, as I was, you’ll whiz through it quickly, maybe in an afternoon.

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