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He never dreamed he’d make the perfect father…

She wasn’t waiting a moment longer, Lyssa Cooper decided. It was time to find a husband, have a baby, and settle down! But finding the man who’d match up with her list of virtues seemed impossible until Rome Novak decided to help narrow the field. He knew he wasn’t cut out for commitment, but could Lyssa’s wildfire kisses and her best friend’s adorable imp Mel—-change his mind?

In a delightful romp that celebrates the fun of family and the sensuality of seduction, Meg Leader provides a romantic treasure hunt with an irresistible rogue as the prize! He charmingly insisted he wasn’t the marrying kind, but can an old-fashioned girl who promises a lifetime of passionate abandon be the answer to a bachelor’s prayer?

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“Rome, don’t you see? I need to be a mother, part of a family. I want this more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life.” She hesitated, then decided to be completely honest with him. “Please. Won’t you help me find someone to build a family with?”

He rose also and stepped closer. He surrounded her face with his hands and stared directly into her eyes. “You mean this, don’t you?”

“With every fiber of my being.” She added her final plea. “Rome, I want a child of my own. A husband of my own. Please.”

An image of that child blossomed within her, strengthening her case. He’d be tall for his age, with thick, dark hair and blue-green eyes, just the color of his fath—

She reined in the thought with frantic haste and tried to stuff it away. Rome would be no one’s fa­ther. He didn’t want fatherhood. He didn’t want marriage. He didn’t want a wife.

She closed her eyes for a long moment, trying to get a grip. With an attack of honesty she resisted, she finally admitted to herself the reason for these illicit thoughts.

She wanted Rome.

But wanting and having are different things.

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Goodbye, Love 2 WEBSITE USE

Was this smoke-grimed, sexy-as-hell hero hot enough to make a lady want to stay home nights?

Jason Cooper grinned as he plotted to convince writer C. J. Stone he was so boring, bland, and courteous, he couldn’t be her magazine’s Sexiest Businessman. But when a warehouse fire demanded a resourceful rescue, C.J. saw through his charade—and felt a sizzling attraction for the valiant exec whose stolen kiss left her breathless. She’d never yearned for a cozy home and family, but would Jason tempt a spirited gypsy toward a new dream?

Funny and poignant, Meg Leader’s tale of two mismatched lovers on a collision course is utterly delicious! He’d done his best to persuade the feisty journalist he was no candidate for hottest hunk in the state, but when he turned on his charm and dared her to discover the truth, could she ignore the challenge?

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She reined in her temper and took a deep breath. “Jason, I assure you I mean no harm to Lyssa or her family. I just want to—”

“That’s the whole point, isn’t it? You want. And what anyone else wants doesn’t matter. Haven’t you learned yet that you can’t go through life ignoring other people’s needs and desires? Society can’t—hell, a family can’t survive like that.”

She stared at him, understanding for perhaps the first time the true depth of the gulf between them. “But I don’t have a family. It’s just me.”

His eyes as bleak as a midwinter’s evening, he said, “And you never will have one. You threw away the family you did have, and you’re not willing—maybe you’re not able—to open your­self up enough to build one of your own.”

The pain couldn’t have been worse if he’d slashed her with a knife. “I see.”

She stepped away from him, ignoring her fin­gers burning from the need to reach out to him one last time. Raising her head proudly, she said with icy courtesy, “I’ll call a cab and find somewhere else to stay tonight.”

He hesitated for so long she didn’t think he would answer. Finally, he said, “Maybe that would be for the best. I’ll give you a lift to the hotel.”

But through that cold, silent car ride, lonely check-in at the hotel desk, and an even lonelier glum ride up the eleva­tor to her room, the only thing that echoed through her mind was the mournful realization that Jason didn’t want her near him. He didn’t want her around his family.

He simply…didn’t want her.


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